We want you to sleep especially well

Dormiente has produced natural mattresses, natural latex mattresses, Futons and solid wood beds, as well as linens, blankets, pillows and slatted frames based on criteria, such as health, orthopedics, ecology and sustainability in Germany since 1988 and is now one of the market leaders in the bio-mattress segment.

Retaining “natural values” represents using the best renewable raw materials for constructing mattresses in a sustainable manner for long-term use at mattress manufacturer Dormiente. In addition to first class 100% natural latex, only toxin-controlled raw materials and high-quality renewable natural materials, such as virgin wool from controlled biological animal farming, cotton from controlled biological farming, horse hair or coconut are processed.

If possible, we only use wood from our native forests for our elegant solid wood and upholstered beds, in an effort to promote sustainable forestry. Our upholstered furniture not only looks good, they are also produced with strictly toxin-controlled natural materials.

Concerning your sleep quality, you deserve values, such as health, longevity and sustainability. And we are happy to use the best materials nature has to offer to accommodate you.