Small but excellent

Customer oriented and owner operated.

This is what Kirchner represents.

In its 50 years of company history the founder of the company Helmut Kirchner has primarily focused and the current owner Helge Kirchner primarily focuses on the on peoples’ health requirements.

The Kirchner Company was affiliated with medical technology from the very beginning. Later on, when the Kirchner GmbH was founded they were also active in the medical supply and rehabilitation sector. In 1993 we were trendsetter in the « home care » market. We established our vision to integrate the medical bed functions in a regular bed the same year, and it was a success on the market. Moving forward we continuously developed this idea in our company and today we specialize in manufacturing and marketing multifunctional comfort bed –systems, and have since then become the leading provider of high-quality bed and specialty furniture.

Our motivation and requirement has always been the ambition for innovation and customer orientation, as well as the highest possible quality and reliability.

The entire Kirchner-team works on developing future innovations and implementing our customers’ individual desires on daily basis to ensure the optimal sleep and wakeup experience.

We are happy if we can contribute to your quality of life with our adjustable height bed-systems.