The elegante bed-linen fashion GmbH has conquered the home textile market for over 30 years by creating and producing high-quality bed-linens, and today they are considered a trendsetter for fashionable bed-linens in Germany. The secret to this success is their company philosophy: elegante bed-linen fashion GmbH design unique trends in its own studio and produces the product in Germany. It guarantees high fashion and quality standards.

The essential strengths of all elegante-collections include artistic and innovative designs, fashionably customized for the target group of similarly sophisticated, tastefully oriented and well-off consumers. The designs are created at their own studio, as well as different design studios in Italy. In addition, the selection guarantees customized linen sizes with details, such as hemstitched seams, embroidery or piping. The confection specialist currently focuses on five different lines: In addition to the elegante Fashion Collection as their premium brand and the two combination line “2 Combinate“ and “Amore“, elegante also has designed an exclusive selection for the fashion label “JOOP!Living“. The company is especially proud of the exclusive “Senta Berger Edition“, to be introduced in October. It is designed in collaboration with the famous actress. The company is also designing the collection for the 100 percent subsidiary “YES for bed“, which was introduced at the tradeshow for home textiles in 2002.