Lattoflex is always improving its bedding systems, with two principal goals: more comfort and the most optimal well-being. All of this began in 1957, when for the first time we began to look for other ways of sleeping well.

With Winx, Lattoflex has created another way to sleep. Hundreds of flexible support points support your body in the ideal sleeping position. Blades made of polyoxymethylene (POM) are fastened to solid fiberglass slats, which in turn are mounted on ball joints. These ball joints, made of a synthetic material (TPE-E, or durable thermoplastic-Hytrel® polyester elastomer) form a suspension base et allow the blades to move independently from each other and to support the body in any of its movements, thus ensuring a perfect tridimensional support system. Winx, on the wings of restorative sleep.

A unique concept of sleep, which confirms the pioneer reputation of Lattoflex. The specific structure of the Winx surface allows air to freely circulate. Ideal for a healthy sleep on a long-lasting bedding system.