The mattress-box spring system made by the bed manufacturer Schramm achieves the perfect combination of its two parts, joining the flexibility of the mattress with the stability of the box spring and guaranteeing complete relaxation during the night and restoration of strength, spirit and soul. The mattress is created in such a way as to adjust itself, point by point, to follow your sleeping habits and to give total assurance of anatomical adaptation, while the stable box spring softly cushions any movement by spreading out the stresses over a wide surface and giving a solid base to your sleep.

Custom manufacturing

Each Schramm mattress creates a completely flexible support thanks to the diversification of springs that adjust completely to your weight and your anatomy, so much so that each mattress is in effect a custom-made product, guaranteeing restorative sleep. We also offer the patented shoulder support system, which stabilizes the lateral position in optimal conditions and a mattress treated for bed mites for those who are allergic. Artisanal manufacture is a gauge of quality in the choice of materials and the final product.

Quality of the springs

Schramm Mythos and Opus mattresses with pocket springs are exclusively made with springs that are subjected to treatment in a thermal oven after they are coiled, which gives them a superior resistance to metal fatigue and overload. The load is distributed during sleep onto springs of different strengths, according to the distribution of weight of the body and sleeping habits. Each one of the springs has six coils which react virtually independently under pressure, because they are surrounded with an envelope of unbleached cotton, which makes them independent and completely adapts them to the anatomy and to movement, giving total assurance of the authentic personalization of the support of your dreams.