The TEMPUR pressure reduction material is a significant advance which is revolutionizing the way we sleep. The story of this revolutionary material, its creation and the philosophy behind TEMPUR products, began with NASA research, which was looking to create a material capable of reducing the pressure created by the gravity forces experienced by the astronauts during take-off.
The TEMPUR scientists have thus made use of the enormous potential of this pressure-reducing material and have invested millions of dollars to perfect this TEMPUR material in order to make a sleep support of very high quality for its users.

The TEMPUR Difference

TEMPUR is a heat-sensitive viscoelastic pressure-reducing material made of open cells that mold perfectly to the contours of your body.  Ordinary polyurethane is characterized by irregular honeycomb forms that become distorted under the simple pressure of weight.  With TEMPUR, thousands of open cells move softly around the curves of your body, thus offering you optimal support just where you need it but without counter-pressure.  When you get up from TEMPUR material, it returns to its original shape.

The amazing TEMPUR material has revolutionized sleep and has proven that a mattress does not need to be firm or soft, but must be both at the same time.  TEMPUR mattresses adjust themselves perfectly to your body, contributing to the elimination of painful pressure points and thus reducing the need to move and to turn over trying to find a comfortable and painless sleeping position.